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Warranty Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of Autohaus Leisure’s Conversion Warranty.

Customers who purchase their conversions from Autohaus are provided with a three-year warranty on the workmanship on the it’s campervan conversions. If you have a problem, we will discuss the issue with you and where possible have one of our qualified technicians try to resolve the problem with you by telephone (Where possible and relevant, it is helpful to email pictures of the problem to us at ).


If the issue cannot be resolved, then the vehicle must be returned to the factory for assessment.  Once the extent of the work is fully assessed you will be advised as to what work will be carried out under the terms of the warranty.  The warranty is limited to the agreed repairs and does not cover travel costs and incidental expenses.  A courtesy vehicle is not provided.


For new vehicles that are converted the warranty commences from the date of registration.  For second-hand vehicles, the warranty on the conversion commences from the date the conversion is completed.  Providing Autohaus is informed by the owner of the vehicle that they have sold or are selling the vehicle the warranty may be transferred to the new owner. 


Our warranty provides cover on the workmanship of our campervan conversion only.


Third party appliances and components fitted to the conversion such as ovens refrigerators are protected by the manufacturer’s standard 12-month warranty.


The warranty does not cover campervans that are used for commercial purposes unless a separate agreement has been made. The usual maximum warranty is for a 12-month period.


If you purchased your vehicle from a Dealer other than Autohaus you must check the warranty cover provided and consult that Dealer first if you think you have a warranty issue.  It is up to the Dealer to consult with Autohaus regarding the problem presented and determine if a warranty issue exists.  Autohaus will only enter into discussion with the owner of the vehicle once the Dealer has contacted Autohaus regarding the issue, after which arrangement will be made as set earlier in this document.  


The warranty does not cover damages through accident, misuse, or lack of maintenance by the customer, including the failure to undertake an annual habitation service.  The warranty is null and void if “do it yourself attempts” (DIY) have been made to remedy the problem or the owner has taken it upon themselves to involve a third party without the written consent of Autohaus. 


Autohaus will not be liable for any costs to third parties whatsoever where third parties have been used without the written consent of Autohaus. 


In some instances, Autohaus may approve warranty work to be carried out by a Third Party known to and employed by Autohaus for such work.  


If the owner of the vehicle asks for the warranty work to be carried out by a third party of their choosing, Autohaus will cost the work as if the vehicle had been returned to the factory.  Autohaus will pay up to but not exceed the amount of that costing to the Third Party. This amount will be paid on receipt of an invoice from the Third Party. Any costs not agreed are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.  Work carried out by any Third Party is not protected by the Autohaus Warranty.      


In all instances Acare Leisure reserves the right to request the vehicle is returned to Acare Leisure to carry out the warranty work. 


Tony Payne

Managing Director