A Bespoke Campervan For Business & Pleasure

This month’s feature customer is Mark Lawrence, owner of Salamander Stoves and designer of the Hobbit Stove, a small stove perfect for small places.

Mark got in touch as he’d just bought a VW Transporter at an auction and wanted a company to build him a custom campervan – something for weekends at the beach and a mobile office for attending steam fairs to sell his stoves. He’d been researching companies for over a year but was concerned at the number of small conversion companies and the reviews he’d read for them on online forums. He wanted to find a professional conversion company that he could trust, who would listen to his requirements and would make a high quality product.

Mark paid us a visit in Minehead and we spent time discussing what he needed including:

  • A high top roof (giving permanent head height and more storage potential).
  • A table so he can invite customers into his ‘mobile office’ to complete purchases and to operate his computer.
  • DVD player to play videos of his stove products.
  • Space to transport his Paddleboard.
  • Custom lighting.
  • 3 seats in the rear with leather upholstery.
  • A spacious interior that becomes a private space in the evenings and weekends.

They spent 45 minutes with me in the back of the van, working out my storage needs and designing my campervan there on the spot. I was impressed to have received that level of input.

Mark has been really happy with the service he received from Autohaus.

I’d give Autohaus 10/10 for top quality and 10/10 for execution. I did have one small problem afterwards and they just said “just bring it in and we’ll sort it”. It’s not about the problem but how it’s fixed that matters most to me.

Whilst the van was back in the workshop we did a little extra work. Mark had caught his sidebar on a rock, bent it slightly and scratched the paint so we took it off, resprayed and refitted.

It’s clear there is an element of pride in what they’re doing which means you can drive away feeling confident. They certainly made sure I drove off with a big fat cheesy grin on my face!

Having done so much research, before choosing Autohaus to complete his bespoke campervan, we asked Mark what he would have done differently if he had the chance.

I’d suggest simply paying Autohaus a visit in the first place and chat about what you want. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

We’d like to thank Mark for taking the time to send in his story and for his kind words and we wish him continued success with his Hobbit Stove.

Mark’s Top Tip

Having a long wheelbase vehicle and a high-top roof makes a huge difference… the inside affords you so much more space to move around. You do have to look out when entering car parks however as some have height restrictions.