Is this the most northerly place in the UK you will find an Autohaus?….Probably!

Barry and Wendy got in touch to tell us about their brand new Autohaus Camelot VW Campervan. Having been keen motorhome owners for over 9 years, and travelled throughout the UK and Europe, they decided it was time for an upgrade of vehicle whilst downgrading on size. Furthermore, they also wanted to sell their car and run a single vehicle.

They decided on a VW Campervan, allowing them to push their love of wild camping even further off the beaten track. And living in Shetland there’s certainly plenty of wilderness to explore, with many superb isolated locations with just seals and otters for company!

Barry is a keen photographer and, whilst enjoying retirement with his wife Wendy, they both supply articles and photos for the Shetland Times, Westside News and various Facebook groups.

Shetland lies 600 miles north of London. More than a hundred islands, just 15 of them inhabited, span the 95 miles between Fair Isle and Out Stack, the northernmost point of Britain.

Shetland features:
• 19 hours of midsummer daylight
• 1697 amazing miles of coastline
• 138 sandy beaches
• 6,000 years of history
• 200,000 Puffins
• 22,000 people

It all adds up to one fantastic place for a small motorhome.

Having sold their original motorhome via a simple advert in the rear window of their van, they then began the process of finding a VW Campervan Conversion company and came across Autohaus… 800 miles away in Minehead!

Barry and Wendy had the confidence after much research and discussions with Autohaus to purchase their Camelot over the phone. They received photos of furniture, fittings and upholstery, some from the website and others from campervans passing through the factory at the time.

They knew exactly what we wanted and were able to help us choose the specification we wanted

And once production began they were able to keep an eye on progress via the Autohaus Factory Webcams.

“It gave us confidence seeing our campervan coming to life, knowing that the guys at Autohaus were not hiding anything and that everything was in full view.”

After completing construction in October the couple flew down south and collected their brand new campervan from the factory in Minehead.

“We are absolutely delighted with our new Autohaus motorhome, it fits the bill perfectly for our needs.”

Barry and Wendy now spend a lot of their time wild camping, enjoying the splendour of what the Shetland Isles has to offer, and using the campervan as a photography‘hide’ allowing them to capture images of the wildlife whilst keeping warm inside with a cup of tea!

“Thank you Autohaus for your excellent product and service.”

We’d like to thank Barry & Wendy for taking the time to share their story (and beautiful photos of the Shetlands!) and we wish them continued safe adventures.

Barry and Wendy’s Top Tip

“We think it’s important to define what you want your campervan for. For us we wanted something to replace our existing motorhome and car, was suitable for long weekends away, that was more nimble to venture down small tracks and allow us to park on the edge of the beach. We also wanted a vehicle that could act as a ‘hide’ providing a discreet location from which to take photos… with a hot cup of tea on the side!”

Fancy Visiting the Shetlands?

Occupied by the Vikings for 500 years, the Norse influence has shaped island life, and this is remembered today such in as in the world famous Up-Helly-Aa fire festivals which culminate in the dramatic burning of a Viking long-ship. The most impressive of these takes place in Lerwick and attracts large crowds.