Autohaus: The Year So Far

It’s been a really busy start to the year, which is why we haven’t had time to produce a newsletter in a while. Don’t worry! – moving forward we’re going to go back to producing at least one monthly newsletter. This will include updates on:

  • New model releases.
  • Latest motorhome and campervan stock.
  • Limited special offers and discounts.
  • Updates about our new factory.
  • & MUCH MORE!

To kick things off we’d like to fill you in on what exactly has been happening in the fast-paced world of Autohaus.

We have Expanded! – Our New Factory

We’ve finally completed and moved in to the new factory. Having introduced so many new campervan models we have literally run out of space in our workshops and so the only option was to build another factory next door.

This now gives us more space to produce lots more campers, like the brand new VW Ashton Evolution, Ford GT Spartan and Camelot Grandi X.

Latest Camper Models

Since expanding the Autohaus family, we’ve received lots of great feedback in regards to the new layout designs and conversion specs of our newest motorhome and campervan models

Lots of New Camper Photos

If you happen to follow us our Facebook or Twitter pages you may have noticed that we’ve been posting a lot of new campervan photos lately.

Whenever we complete a brand new camper, we like to take it to an outside setting in order to capture some stunning shots for our online campervan gallery