Ford Transit Model Has Passed Testing

This week our newest campervan models, which are based on the Ford Transit Custom, have passed the “Seat-bed Anchorage Test” at the VOSC’s new test facility in Wolverhampton. The test was designed to ensure that in the event of a collision, the physical structure of the vehicle has not been affected by the modifications made.

For this test the empty shell of a Ford Transit Custom is fitted with one of our seat-bed fixing frames and RIB seat-beds. It is then subjected to extreme loading to emulate the effects of a collision.

The next step is for us to build a complete Autohaus GT Spartan / Meribel Aurora and invite the VCA to conduct an inspection and sign off the model. All models manufactured by Autohaus will then be Type Approved.

Obtaining Type Approval is a big commitment but we feel it’s an important part of the production process which sets us apart from the vast majority of conversion companies throughout the UK. It ensures that the process of converting a panel van into a campervan does not compromise the vehicle, or the safety of our customers and their passengers, something that should be at the forefront of every customers mind.