A Campervan For All Occasions

Donna and Steve bought their Campervan from Autohaus in April 2015 and since then they’ve been making the most of their new found freedom. Having always been fans of Motorhomes and camping with their two daughters they decided it was time to get something a bit more nimble that would allow them to venture further off the beaten track, exploring the country lanes and coastlines.

I can’t tell you how much fun we have had with it. Donna keeps a little book
in the van and makes her notes as we travel round on our midlife adventure.

Wild Camping in Reims, France

The couple of certainly been making the most of their new Campervan having spent over 60 nights away in the past 18 months. Trips so far include:

  • Hebridean islands.
  • The Gower peninsular (several times).
  • North east coast from Robin hoods bay up to Craster.
  • Padstow (Rick wasn’t in!).
  • Sennon Cove Cornwall.
  • Norfolk.
  • North Wales down to ST David’s.
  • Reims, Loire & Brittany in France.
  • Glencoe & Glenshee skiing.
  • All over Derbyshire including a music festival.

I would guess half the nights have been wild camping when we just found a
nice spot to crack open a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down.

Camping Loire, France

Besides providing a means of exploring the UK and Europe their Campervan has also afforded them some respite during difficult times.

“My mum was diagnosed with an incurable cancer last September. We live in Derbyshire and we have had to drop everything on more than one occasion to make the journey to Anglesey. The visits have been very hard at times and having the van has softened the blow no end. An hour’s break from the hospital in Bangor to find a beach to walk along and make a brew has helped enormously.”

Having already had numerous trips it seems there’s no end to Donna and Steve’s desire to explore.

I have worked hard and long hours for coming up to 35 years and for the first time ever we are planning to have four weeks off in May to travel round Italy… and we can’t wait.

Sunset at the Gower in our Campervan

Reassuringly the van has provided Donna and Steve with a dependable means of travelling:

  • A whole week with no electric hook up on the Gower in May and they didn’t need
    to start the engine up once.
  • Minus 10 at Glenshee, snug as a bug in a rug.
  • Sat in the shade of the wind-out awning in France.

We’d like to thank Donna and Steve for sharing their story with us, we also wish them the very best in all of their future Campervan adventures and hope that they continue to share more wonderful memories together.

Steve’s Top Tip

Keep it simple! When we first went away we packed every conceivable item we thought we’d need, but as our experience grew we realised we didn’t need half of the stuff. We keep a supply of essential cooking ingredients in the van and then buy local produce like meat and fish for our supper. You’ll be surprised how little else you need!